Wuxi Banner Vessel Company Ltd.

Add.: No. 118, Xixian Road, Meicun Town, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.

Postal code: 214112

Tel.: +86-510-81150681

Contact person: Sarah Ding

CNG Cylinder, Steel Gas Cylinder, Automotive CNG Cylinder

Wuxi Banner Vessel Company Ltd. is a CNG cylinder manufacturer located in China. We specialize in the design and manufacture of steel gas cylinder and automotive CNG cylinder, with a cylinder capacity ranging from 40L to 200L, and an outer diameter range of 267mm to 406mm. Using advanced technology and great attention to detail, the compressed natural gas cylinders we manufacture are ideal for use in various CNG powered vehicles including multi-purpose vehicles, automobiles, buses, coaches, and more.

Wuxi Banner Vessel Company Ltd., originally known as Shanghai Clean Energy System Company Ltd. (CES), is a CNG cylinder manufacturer located in China. In order to ensure the high quality of our product, in 2008 we moved our factory to Wuxi City in Jiangsu Province, the top special steel production base in China. Because of our technical strength and the use of superior raw materials during production, we offer CNG cylinders with higher quality than our competitors. As a leader in the Chinese CNG cylinder manufacturing industry, we at Banner are able to produce over 300,000 steel gas cylinders every year, and our goal is to increase our annual production capacity to one million cylinders in the next three years.

As a leader in the Chinese gas cylinder industry, we use cutting edge steel heat treatment technology, cylinder forming technology, and winding techniques. We also adopt cylinder manufacturing and testing standards that are more rigorous than the related national and international standards, thereby ensuring the high safety standards of each product. We take great pride in the safety of our steel gas cylinder, a product that has never caused an accident. Currently, we possess 18 CNG cylinder technical patents and hold the certificate of New and High-Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Our steel gas cylinders have also been awarded as a Famous Brand Product in Jiangsu Province. In addition, our CNG cylinder has been GB17258, ISO11439, and ECER110 certified, and also possesses ISO9001:2008 and ISO16949 certification.

Due to our comprehensive customer service and excellent quality steel gas cylinder products, our cylinders have been used in vehicles from such distinguished companies as Toyota, Honda Motor, Shanghai Volkswagen, Higer Bus Company, and Shanxi Automobile Group. Furthermore, our CNG cylinders have been exported to countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Iran, Armenia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and others.