267mm Steel Gas Cylinder

267mm Steel Gas Cylinder

The steel gas cylinder with outer diameter of 267mm is made using 34CrMo4 steel material. Our 267mm steel gas cylinders are classified into 40L and 60L steel cylinders which come with different lengths and weights and the same wall thickness and working pressure. They work under 20MPa. The length of the 40L gas cylinder is 930mm and the weight is 41kg. The 60L steel gas cylinder has a length of 1320mm and weight of 58kg.

Quality of the 267mm Steel Gas Cylinder
The steel tubes for making our CNG cylinder are acquired from Xingcheng Steel Corporation. We determine chemical composition of incoming raw steel materials for our steel tube production, so as to ensure that only materials with qualifying properties are accepted as raw materials. In addition, other materials for gas cylinder production including glass fiber, resin constituents, and quenching liquid are also acquired from trusted manufacturers.

Appearance Advantage of the 267mm Steel Gas Cylinder
In order to increase cylinder capacity, we design our gas cylinder to have a slight saucer shape. Therefore, compared with a standard-shaped CNG cylinder of the same capacity, our gas cylinder is shorter in length.

Usage Instruction on the 267mm Steel Gas Cylinder
Filling of the CNG cylinder should conform to related local regulations and rules. It is forbidden to use our gas cylinder for holding mixed gas, other type of gaseous material and CNG not conforming to the requirement listed above. Prior to CNG filling, there should be an overall check of the gas cylinder performed by a qualified professional in gas filling.

Chemical Composition of the Raw Material for 267mm Steel Gas Cylinder Production
Material designation: 34CrMo4
Composition C Si Mn P S P+S Cr Mo V Ni Cu
Content (%) 0.30-0.37 ≤ 0.40 0.60-0.90 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.030 0.9-1.2 0.15- 0.30 - ≤0.3 ≤ 0.2
Technical Specifications of the 267mm Steel Gas Cylinder
Type Outer Diameter (mm) Capacity (L) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Designed wall
thickness (mm)
Working Pressure (MPa) Material
CNP20-40-267A 267 40 930 41 6.1mm  20 34CrMo4
CNP20-60-267A 60 1320 58

BANNER is a China-based manufacturer of 267mm steel gas cylinder. Our company also offers 325mm steel gas cylinder, 356mm CNG cylinder, 279mm CNG cylinder, 406mm automotive CNG cylinder, and more.

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