356mm Steel Gas Cylinder

356mm Steel Gas Cylinder

The steel gas cylinder with an outer diameter of 356mm is divided into variety of types according to the cylinder capacity. The cylinder capacity ranges from 57L to 150L. All types of 356mm steel gas cylinders are designed with the same wall thickness of 7.5mm and the same working pressure of 20MPa, while the cylinder length is varied to achieve varied cylinder capacities. For instance, our 57L steel gas cylinder is designed with a length of 790mm, the 62L gas cylinder offers a length of 845mm, the 77L steel gas cylinder has a length of 1005mm, and the 110L cylinder has a length of 1370mm. The cylinder weight also varied with the changing of cylinder length. More detailed information is given in the following charts.

Quality of the 356mm Steel Gas Cylinder
The steel tubes for making our CNG cylinder are acquired from Xingcheng Steel Corporation. We determine chemical composition of incoming raw steel materials for our steel tube production, so as to ensure that only materials with qualifying properties are accepted as raw materials. In addition, other materials for gas cylinder production including glass fiber, resin constituents, and quenching liquid are also acquired from trusted manufacturers.

Appearance Advantage of the 356mm Steel Gas Cylinder
Instead of conventional painting methods, we utilize a powder coating method for our gas cylinder. Coated according to international standards, the cylinder surface is provided with improved ductility and malleability and can effectively avoid coating peeling phenomenon, as compared with traditional liquid paint coating. The powder coating also improves the luster of the cylinder surface.

Usage Instruction on the 356mm Steel Gas Cylinder
The CNG cylinder should be checked and tested thoroughly every three years, or given periodic checks and tests according to local regulation and rules. The checking and testing of gas cylinders should be conducted by qualified companies in the industry. It is forbidden to continue to use the CNG cylinders which have been seriously corroded, burned, impacted, or damaged by other reasons, so as to avoid potential dangers.

Chemical Composition of the Raw Material for 356mm Steel Gas Cylinder Production
Material designation: 34CrMo4
Composition C Si Mn P S P+S Cr Mo V Ni Cu
Content (%) 0.30- 0.37 ≤ 0.40 0.60- 0.90 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.030 0.9- 1.2 0.15- 0.30 - ≤ 0.3 ≤ 0.2
Technical Specifications of the 356mm Steel Gas Cylinder
Type Outer Diameter (mm) Capacity (L) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Designed wall
thickness (mm)
Working Pressure
CNP20-57-356A 356 57 790 64 7.5 20 34CrMo4
CNP20-60-356A 60 820 66
CNP20-62-356A 62 845 67
CNP20-65-356A 65 875 69
CNP20-70-356A 70 930 73
CNP20-75-356A 75 985 76
CNP20-77-356A 77 1005 78
CNP20-80-356A 80 1040 80
CNP20-82-356A 82 1060 82
CNP20-90-356A 90 1150 87
CNP20-100-356A 100 1260 94
CNP20-110-356A 110 1370 101
CNP20-113-356A 113 1405 103
CNP20-120-356A 120 1480 108
CNP20-125-356A 125 1535 112
CNP20-130-356A 130 1590 115
CNP20-140-356A 140 1700 122
CNP20-145-356A 145 1755 125
CNP20-150-356A 150 1810 129

BANNER is a specialized 356mm steel gas cylinder manufacturer based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including 406mm steel gas cylinder, 325mm automotive CNG cylinder, and 279mm CNG cylinder, among others.

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