406mm Steel Gas Cylinder

406mm Steel Gas Cylinder

The 406mm steel gas cylinder is manufactured with a uniform wall thickness of 8.8mm, which effectively avoids gas leakage and ensures safety. It is designed to work under pressure of 20Mpa. In order to suit users' varied cylinder capacity demands, we design our 406mm steel gas cylinder with different lengths to allow for changes in capacity. The cylinder weight also varies with the cylinder capacity. For instance, the length of a 90L steel gas cylinder is 930mm and the weight is 93kg. The length of a 110L gas cylinder is 1105mm and the weight is 108kg. The length of a 130L steel gas cylinder is 1275mm and the weight is 123kg. For detailed information about other types of steel cylinders, please refer to the specification chart on this page.

Quality of the 406mm Steel Gas Cylinder
According to Chinese national and international related standards, a gas cylinder requires only ultrasonic testing. However, in our CNG cylinder production and testing process, we found that ultrasonic testing is able to detect and find out the flaws and defects of the cylinder body but cannot detect any flaws at both cylinder ends. Therefore, we use high precision magnetic particle inspection equipment to conduct another inspection of our CNG cylinders, so as to avoid gas cylinders with flaws at the ends which can be caused by improper heat treatment or inconsistence in raw material quality.

Appearance Advantage of the 406mm Steel Gas Cylinder
We have made substantial investments in acquiring steel tube materials with uniform thickness. Uniform cylinder wall thickness, coupled with our unique slightly saucer-shaped cylinder bottom and neck design, allows for effectively reduction in cylinder weight. So, while being used on vehicles, our CNG cylinder can assist in reducing energy consumption.

Usage Instruction on the 406mm Steel Gas Cylinder
The designed service life for our steel gas cylinder is 15 years, with gas filling no more than 1000 times every year.

Chemical Composition of the Raw Material for 406mm Steel Gas Cylinder Production
Material designation: 34CrMo4
Composition C Si Mn P S P+S Cr Mo V Ni Cu
Content (%) 0.30- 0.37 ≤ 0.40 0.60- 0.90 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.020 ≤ 0.030 0.9- 1.2 0.15- 0.30 - ≤ 0.3 ≤ 0.2
Technical Specifications of the 406mm Steel Gas Cylinder
Type Outer Diameter (mm) Capacity (L) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Designed wall
thickness (mm)
Working Pressure
CNP20-80-406A 406 80 850 86 8.8 20 34CrMo4
CNP20-90-406A 90 930 93
CNP20-100-406A 100 1020 101
CNP20-101-406A 101 1025 101
CNP20-110-406A 110 1105 108
CNP20-112-406A 112 1120 109
CNP20-120-406A 120 1190 116
CNP20-130-406A 130 1275 123
CNP20-140-406A 140 1360 131
CNP20-145-406A 145 1400 135
CNP20-151-406A 151 1450 139
CNP20-160-406A 160 1530 146
CNP20-165-406A 165 1570 150
CNP20-180-406A 180 1695 161
CNP20-200-406A 200 1865 176

We are a 406mm steel gas cylinder manufacturer and supplier in China. We at BANNER also offer 406mm automotive CNG cylinder, 325mm automotive CNG cylinder, 356mm CNG cylinder, and much more.

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