Appearance Advantage

While ensuring the safety performance of our CNG cylinder, we also give special attention to our cylinder appearance. Through technical innovation and improvement, we can offer CNG cylinders with following advantages over standard gas cylinder manufactured using traditional technologies.

1. Shorter Length
In order to increase cylinder capacity, we design our gas cylinder to have a slight saucer shape. Therefore, compared with a standard-shaped CNG cylinder of the same capacity, our gas cylinder is shorter in length.

2. Lighter Weight
We have made substantial investments in acquiring steel tube materials with uniform thickness. Uniform cylinder wall thickness, coupled with our unique slightly saucer-shaped cylinder bottom and neck design, allows for effectively reduction in cylinder weight. So, while being used on vehicles, our CNG cylinder can assist in reducing energy consumption.

3. Perfect Arc Shape

Although slightly saucer-shaped, our CNG cylinder has a smooth arc shape for its cylinder bottom and neck sections. The arc is almost the same for the cylinder bottom and the cylinder neck. The design not only allows the cylinder bottom and neck to bear higher pressure during operation, but also offers aesthetic appearance.

4. High Luster Cylinder Surface

Instead of conventional painting methods, we utilize a powder coating method for our gas cylinder. Coated according to international standards, the cylinder surface is provided with improved ductility and malleability and can effectively avoid coating peeling phenomenon, as compared with traditional liquid paint coating. The powder coating also improves the luster of the cylinder surface.

5. Smooth Winding Layer

Improved winding technique and imported high quality resin provides our CNG cylinder with better aging resistance and surface smoothness. After hydrostatic testing, our gas cylinder has no circumferential cracks on its surface. Additionally, we have made a substantial investment in acquiring new, advanced curing equipment to offer improved curing methods. This curing method can effectively avoid resin loss during the curing process and ensure the safe use of our CNG cylinder. It also assures surface smoothness of the external winding layer around our steel gas cylinder and eliminates workers' injuries caused by the fine fibers of the glass fiber material.

6. Anti-aging Protective Layer
When exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature, acid pollutants, etc., the glass fiber and resin utilized in our CNG cylinder production may show accelerated aging. This can reduce the service life of our steel gas cylinders. Also, if the CNG cylinder is mounted in the car trunk, the external winding layer may be damaged due to its collision between the goods in the trunk. In order to avoid the aforementioned damages to the winding layer, we have tailor-made a protective layer for our CNG cylinder' winding layer, so as to extend its service life and make our gas cylinder more durable.

If you have any other requirement of our cylinder appearance design, please don't hesitate to tell us. We welcome your request as our chance to make improvements to our gas cylinder.

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