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Main Products
  • 325mm Automotive CNG Cylinder The 325mm automotive CNG cylinder is available in variety of types classified according to the cylinder capacity. To illustrate, we can offer 40L automotive CNG cylinder, 45L CNG cylinder, 50L cylinder, and compressed natural gas cylinders with capacity of 55L, 60L, 65L, 70L, 80L, 90L, 100L, and 120L. Each of them comes with different cylinder length and weight, but the same wall thickness. The wall thickness is uniform in 4.9mm, which can perfectly avoid gas leakage and ensure safety..
  • 356mm Automotive CNG Cylinder The automotive CNG cylinder has an outer diameter of 356mm and wall thickness of 5.4mm. Made using 30CrMo, the 356mm CNG cylinder is durable and safe to use. According to the cylinder capacity, our 356mm automotive CNG cylinders are classified into a wide variety of types which all comes with varied length and weight. To illustrate, we can offer gas cylinders with capacity from 60L to 150L. Our 60L automotive CNG cylinder has a length of 800mm and weight of 54kg, our 70L CNG cylinder ...